Via Francigena EN

The  B&B Verde Musica is in Borgofranco d’Ivrea (TO) in Piedmont:  VF-IT6

These are the distances from some points of the Via Francigena:


Since the High Middle Ages, the Via Francigena (Francigena Way) has represented the major pilgrimage route followed by pilgrims from all over the North-Central Europe to reach Rome, the seat of the Pope.

In 990, the iticartello0nerary of 1600 km was crossed in 79 days by the Archbishop Sigerico to return to Canterbury from Rome, in order to receive his Pallium from Pope John XV. At the invitation of the Pope, Archbishop Sigerico noted day by day all stages, which brought him back to Britain across Europe. His diary is therefore the most authentic testimony of the track and, in 2004 it was declared by the Council of Europe “Great European Cultural Route” similarly to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spcartello2ain.

Today the Via Francigena has become an opportunity to learn about places, people, history, art and … themselves. On foot, by bike, by horse or accompanied by a donkey of burden: the number of pilgrims and travellers who are setting out is increasing.


Siete quasi arrivati!

A true pilgrim can be recognized by the credential (pilgrim’s passport), a personal travel document that distinguishes him from a common traveller. The credential is issued to any pilgrim upon request and then, along the way, he should show the document in the accommodation staging or parishes to receive the stamp that will attest, at the end of the journey, the entire journey.

In Piedmont, the route of the Via Francigena Morenico-Canavesana extends for 50 km across the territories of 10 municipalities. Along the route, you can walk through the beautiful stretch of the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivreacartello1 created by the retreat of the glacier Balteo, one of the geological formations of glacial origin best preserved in the world. It is dotted with lakes and characterized by the long profile of the Serra Morenica of 25 km.


Here in Cancartello3avese the Francigena route may be accompanied by … excellent wines to taste with soups, dishes with mushrooms, chestnuts and onions, sausages and cheeses and a variety of delicious sweets!