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I Balmetti: good typical dishes and wine!

Balmetti are characteristic natural cellars carved out of the morainic rock that was formed following the retreat of the ancient Balteo Glacier and are mainly used for the storage of wine and cheese.

They are located in Borgofranco d’Ivrea, a few hundred meters from the B&B Verde Musica. 

Thanks to air currents that blow from the belly of the mountain, inside the Balmetti the temperature remains constant (on average around 10 degrees centigrade): due to some geological phenomena unique in the world, the Borgofranco mountain breathes!

You can spend a few happy hours at the Balmetti!

It is possible to visit the Balmetti and stop to taste the good typical dishes or the “miasse”, thin and crunchy sheets of corn flour cooked on special hot plates and then stuffed with local Canavese products such as “salignun” (a ricotta cream fresh with alpine herbs and chilli), “salamPatata” (a salami with bacon, lard and boiled potatoes) and many other products at km 0.  With a good glass of wine!

More informations: https://balmetti.com/index_en.php

B&B Verde Musica: tel. +393490835837  /  bbverdemusica@gmail.com


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